Strangeness in Desktop Environment under XFCE

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Sun Oct 16 19:35:26 UTC 2011

Something strange happens with the DE under XFCE. I have determined that
this strangeness results in my difficulty in playing CDs. So I have some

Primary Question
When I login to an XFCE session on my F15 machine, about half the time
it comes up normally. By this I mean that there is a mouse XFCE icon in
the middle of the screen. And clicking on the Desktop with my right
mouse button brings up the standard XFCE menu. In this state I can play
Audio CDs and do the other things one would expect to do.

However, half the time a few seconds after the normal screen appears the
screen turns to a form of the Gnome 3 display. In the center of the
screen is a world icon, the one I chose for my Gnome 3 DE. Right click
produces the Gnome 3 menu. However, the top panel is still the panel of
XFCE. Audio CD icons do not appear so Audio CDs can't be played. The
option under XFCE Preferences that changes the screen icon no longer
functions. The bottom XFCE panel also remains.

To be completely honest in both forms of DE display the vertical icons
of the Gnome3 DE also appear. Should that be?

So the real question is why does this second Gnoome3 display appear and
how can I stop this from  happening?

Second Question
In both displays at times that last thing that happens when I login is
that a display of my home directory appears on the screen. Why is this
happening, and only sometimes?

Third Question
Back to Audio CDs. In order to play them I have to mount them using an
option that appears when I click on the Audio CD icon. Why is that?
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