HELP!!! System messed up!

John Aldrich jmaldrich at
Mon Oct 17 17:18:50 UTC 2011

On Mon October 17 2011, Robert Myers wrote:
> VNC apparently correctly anticipates what's on the other end.  Your
> system is confused about either your video card or the monitor for
> your console.  Were it me, I'd be plugging in other video cards and/or
> monitors just to see what happens.  I would also take seriously the
> possibility that part of your disk is trashed.
Could be part of my disk is trashed. I logged into Gnome as a test (didn't 
like the lack of desktop icons, another reason I don't use KDE any more!) 
and got notification of a hard drive error. I'm working on getting a new 
hard drive, so hopefully I'll be up and running 100% in a few days. Might 
have to do a refresh install of xfce4 or something and see if that helps.

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