My "santa-list" for Fedora-14.. & is there a file-wash program?..

Linda McLeod lindavaldeen at
Tue Oct 18 00:19:20 UTC 2011

I run Fedora-14, mostly for a pix editing hobby like some use electronic
card-solitaire to relax, & music, & writing in "focuswriter"...  I'm not
on the Net at home.. The demons destroy my PC's OS twice a week..  Me
thinks it's a "hungry falling libido thing" for them...

I note a few little glitchy areas in this OS, which seem to "slap &
destroy" sensitive writers rolls..  I can't use Fedora, or any OS to
write when I'm one, two, or three, "rungs-up in intellect for topic
rolls"..  The glitches irritate me out of my fleeting extreme focuses
I wish those thht-glitches weren't so in my face, like "a bad smell"...  
I've posted in forums about them..  All I get is flamers "pissing in my
face" and people who really don't have a tiny clue even what my
questions are about...

My "santa-list" for Fedora-14:  

There should be user controls to config everything about the desktop
screensaver slide-show..  Time-period pix's change..  sizes on screen.. 
maybe a "custom sized screen on screen"..  customizable background
colors.. slide intensities..  Hey! maybe even an OS systems link into
gimp via screensaver..? 
What would it take to have screensaver married to gimp..?
What can you do to screensaver slide show, or to a slide show, to make
it more interesting and enjoyable and fun, even funny?..  Is there a way
to make the PC project a slide show on the adjacent wall..?  What would
it take?..  
What would it take to have the PC project a slide show in the middle of
the room, without screen in the air..?

Controls to delete a pix from the OS should an unwanted screensaver pix
come up on screen.. and even edit it via a link to Gimp's wonderful

User tools to config desktop:  simple r-click tool options to save
programs that are up on desktop, to be up on boot...

Fedora should have a base install of programs to show all Web activity
in & out, in real-time, with strong controls to block any and all
gorilla and demon activity...

I click up "home file" twice..  One window runs "pix file thumbs"..  the
other file window runs "home file".. to drop edited pix into various in
progress files and/or various theme files...
The problem is that home file pops-up in the middle of the screen when I
wants it to be snug at top & right screen..  
And second file drops right over top the first, thht!.. not at the
bottom right an inch from the bottom screen, showing only the top row of

"autospell" resets upon close..  I wishes it would stay clicked.. as I
wish "keep aligned" would stay clicked...

I don't connect my personal PC to the Web..  When I do, "government and
corporate brain-suckers are into it like bluebottle-flies on
fresh-poop", "tossing my room like it's their gilded-toilet", desperate
to steal the new technologies I say I have, after I offered to build it
for them for free..  

So, given this computer isn't pest connected, I don't usually need the
login password, mostly because I remove the hd, and take it, when I
leave the house..  There should be a timed control for the user to
disable login-password, so the computer goes from "press the button", to
"OS loaded".. because when I'm on a roll I needs physical-realm things
to run themselves, so I can hold the roll intact while the computer gets
started..  It ain't fun loosing a cosmical-roll because the computer was
off, and requires an easy babysitter to get it on.. User should have
option to disable boot hangups, by making "autoboot" an option...  Maybe
even add a timer that turns the PC on in a schedule..?

Ailurus should be in desktop r-click...  Ailurus and Gimp should tackle
some of these requests...

I wish the mouse was a lot faster..  I'm running a logitech marble mouse
for pix editing..  Over the years conditioned my flip of the marble to
land the cursor on any chosen common button.. but the cursor is way too
slow at fastest mouse settings.. makes me feel like the world is built
for "dead-turtles" and "tater-heads" and "bad-liquid people"..  If
artisans want different atmosphere they gotta die, or make it better, in
the war...

I really wish the cursor was a half inch cutlass.. metallic maroon...
I downloaded a sword-cursor once in W98.. It installed with 75
spy-trojans.. I had to format C, and lost my sword, cuz I didn't know
how to clean the crap that download set in the OS for their unscrupulous
project...  Their kind makes the Internet be dirdy and stinky, like a

DBAN should be part and option of every Linux distro CD...

With a click of the mouse, user should be able to make an ISO of the
customized/personalized OS as it is for to install fully updated OS
without a Net connection, and without any grief...

I’m finding too much “ram slowdown” while I edit pix...  
Seems a few of these Web-pix have nasty snoop-bugs in them, which attach
themselves to running programs for zombie-class unkind preditorial
purposes against innocent targets..?  
Is there such a program as a “file scrubber”..?  ..sort of like how "cat
owners must sift cat-poo out of a cat’s sand-toilet, in being an
extension of a cat's toilet”...
Can there be a “clean-room”.. ”a mud-room" program in-front of a word
edit file..?  like “a cap”.. or “roof”.. or “splash”...

In my new concept OS, in this PC worn as a skin-graft, it be full of
running internal auto-cleaners...  I’d have built it long ago, but this
culture fears new stuff that makes them think too much, cuz thinking
makes their heads hurt.. They beat me up, so I gave up on‘em, and dumped
the all the science...  They can go do it with their own ultra-genius
brains and minds...

I find the odd downloaded-pix slows down the PC a lot at times..  I'm
supposing they have bugs in them..  Is there a Linux program that cleans
a downloaded pix-file 100%..?
Is Clam sufficient, or does Clam need some serious customizing to clean
spyware-buggy pix-files..?


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