Yep, names like p4p1 are soooo much better than eth0 :-(

Chris Adams cmadams at
Tue Oct 18 13:05:24 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, jdow <jdow at> said:
> There is something wrong with ethp2p3? What KIND of device is easier to fathom
> if it is part of the name, ya know.

Did you complain about some (widely-used) wireless devices being ethX?

In any case, the name was made as short as possible because the Linux
kernel has a short max length for a network device name.  The base
pattern needs to be short because there are things that make the name
longer (IIRC a NIC with a PCI bridge for example), and then there are
various things that add on to the device name (such as VLANs).

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