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On 10/18/2011 04:42 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:

> Ok I've added "dialout" but still don't see a change in voltage,
> on the second computer it sits at -11+? I logged out/in, perhaps
> a reboot is required?  I'll try that.

"what we have here is failure to communicate". 8-D

both, on your part and on part of computers.

what you have not communicated, are you connecting to a modem, or to
another computer?

if 2 computers, they *may not communicate*. that is, *not without* a
"null-modem" connection.

for a decent understanding of rs-232 operation, see;

where you will find what you need for understanding of an rs-232 connection
using either a db25 or db15 connector and how to make a "null-modem"
between the 2 computers.


peace out.



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