Serial port permissions -

Brian Mury brianmury at
Tue Oct 18 21:19:01 UTC 2011

>     I guess the only thin I may have that I could tie to a serial port
>     would be an old dial ip modem if I can find it. I don't even have
>     a wired telephone line, cell phones only in this house. But the
>     modem would do for testing. Or I could cut up this serial cable
>     and make a null modem cable out of it if necessary, that might be
>     easier ...

No CAT control for your radio? What radio are you using?
Perhaps an older GPS with serial output?
I configure my Icom 2820 to send GPS NMEA data out the serial port. It
gives me a constant stream of serial data, which is useful for

How have you configured fldigi? Specifically the "Hardware PTT",
"RigCAT", and "Hamlib" tabs (subtabs of the "Rig" tab)? Screenshots of
those three tabs would be useful.

>        Brian, I assume the  one connector on the back of both computers
>        will be seen as ttyS0. FLDigi is set to ttyS0

If you only have on physical serial port, it is probably ttyS0, yes
(though I suppose it's not guaranteed).

I mentioned earlier that I don't use DTR/RTS control, but I could
configure it for that and put a meter on those pins to see if it
works. I won't be able to do it today, but can probably find a few
minutes tomorrow evening.


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