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On 10/18/2011 09:43 PM, Brian Mury wrote:

i looked up fldigi prog and found what it is for.

rest i am very familiar with from past.

i am formerly, WB4OYI, Whiskey Be for Old Yellow Indian. it took me
less than 10 minutes to come up with that one. 8-)

i would have continued with ham radio, where it not for a 'lid'
stealing my code tapes.

i bought the complete set of tapes Wayne Green, W2NSD, produced years
ago when he first started '73'. the character was sent at next speed
level, with spacing at normal rate for level. they were great for me
for getting code down, because for me, that was hard part. theory is

i started at 'tech' level and was studying for 'general', when i made
mistake of loaning them. long story short, when i asked for them back,
they were mysteriously lost.

i 'pinned' his coax in several places, but it did not take out his
finial. after he replaced coax third time, i quit trying because i
figured that finial was too well protected.  8-(

having gotten burned as i did, i lost interest in trying to learn code
and upgrade. if i ever run across such tapes again, i will buy a full
set. a cd would be even better now.

thanks for replying.


peace out.



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