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Brian Mury brianmury at
Wed Oct 19 00:57:38 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-10-19 at 00:05 +0000, g wrote:
> i am formerly, WB4OYI, Whiskey Be for Old Yellow Indian. it took me
> less than 10 minutes to come up with that one. 8-)

Nice to meet you! I'm VE7NGR - No Good Radio ;-).

> i would have continued with ham radio, where it not for a 'lid'
> stealing my code tapes.
> i 'pinned' his coax in several places, but it did not take out his

Wow - I can't imagine quitting the hobby because someone didn't return a
set of tapes I'd loaned out! I also don't condone actions like pinning
coax, but that's all I'll say on the topic, I'll keep my comments

> and upgrade. if i ever run across such tapes again, i will buy a full
> set. a cd would be even better now.

Are you aware that the code requirements have been removed?

If you do want to practice, there are both CD images and MP3 files
online that can be downloaded for free. There are also a number of
programs that can be used to generate your own audio files, or even to
send code directly from the computer in real time.

I can dig up some links if you are interested.


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