Serial port permissions -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Wed Oct 19 01:00:09 UTC 2011

On 18/10/11 20:35, Brian Mury wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-10-18 at 19:13 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>          No GPS. An old Kenwood TS440S, has antenna tuner but no external
>>          digital control. It also has AFSK in and out, as well as a DIN
>>          connector with everything at one point, date, ptt, mic. mute,
>>          etc. I plan to use that.
> Ok, so you won't be trying to get computer control working then - just
> PTT. That keeps things a bit simpler.
>>          I would hesitate to send image files to the list, can send to
>>          your address?
> Certainly (but you might want to try my settings below first).
>>          So /dev/ttyS0 looks good to me ...
> I'd say so.
>>          That would probably be an imposition on your time but would
>>          provide assurance that the function works.
> No imposition. It's already done. I got home a bit earlier than I
> expected, so I had a bit of free time before leaving for this evening's
> meeting. It works as expected for me - toggling T/R switches DTR/RTS
> from -12V to +12 V and back. Here's my settings:
> Hardware PTT tab:
> - PTT tone on right audio channel unchecked
> - Use separate serial port PTT checked
> - Use parallel port PTT unchecked
> - Device: /dev/ttyS6 (this would be ttyS0 for you)
> - Use RTS and Use DTR both checked
> - The two "+V" checkboxes were unchecked but it should work either way -
> they just invert the logic
> RigCAT tab:
> - Use RigCAT unchecked
> - everything else set to defaults - I assume it's ignored since it's set
> to not use RigCAT
> Hamlib tab:
> - Use Hamlib unchecked (I normally have this checked but turned it off
> for the test)
> - everything else set for my Elecraft K2 - but again I assume it's
> ignored when Hamlib is turned off
> MemMap/XML-RPC tabs:
> - everything unchecked
> You'll need to click the "Initialize" button after making changes (or
> save the configuration and restart fldigi just to be sure).
>>          Additionally I have yet to see transmit audio from the computer
>>          while running FLDigi, I do get it from psk31lx. I have not had
>>          keying signals from psk31lx either but have not devoted much
>>          time to investigating that, it may be a configuration problem
>>          and I haven't found much documentation in that area.
> Do you have fldigi set to use PulseAudio, or something else? Both
> PulseAudio and PortAudio works for me. OSS doesn't (but that doesn't
> surprise me).
> Also check your mixer levels, both in fldigi and in pulseaudio.
> Brian

        Ok, I made those settings on the second computer, the Dell, and
        the signals toggle just as you said. The only thing I did
        differently this time was to "click" on <Initialize> on all
        three screens. Whatever the reason it is working and I can
        proceed with the transmit audio. I'll have to make a switch for
        ptt. I should have the required DIN connector in a few days,
        it's in the mail.

        Next to do the same to this computer, it should work the same.

        It's set to use Pulseaudio and I've been setting audio levels
        with "Pulse Audio Volume Control."

        Thanks much for the help and encouragement.


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