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On 10/19/2011 12:57 AM, Brian Mury wrote:

> Nice to meet you! I'm VE7NGR - No Good Radio ;-).

you also.

> Wow - I can't imagine quitting the hobby because someone didn't return a
> set of tapes I'd loaned out!

it was not just the loss of the tapes and my trouble of learning code.
there were other factors. but i will not go into them. too many bad
memories connected to whole ordeal because of someone envolved telling
me to loan tapes or else.

> I also don't condone actions like pinning coax, but that's all I'll
> say on the topic, I'll keep my comments constructive.

i did feel a little bad about it 3rd time because i realized that i was
lowering myself to his level. besides, it was not doing any good. ;-)

> Are you aware that the code requirements have been removed?

!no way!. i never thought that would happen. i was totally unaware.
yet, with way computers have moved in, i can understand dropping of

looks like i will have to get some new books and start reading up on
what is now happening in theory and regulations. thanks for that info.

> If you do want to practice, there are both CD images and MP3 files
> online that can be downloaded for free. There are also a number of
> programs that can be used to generate your own audio files, or even
> to send code directly from the computer in real time.
> I can dig up some links if you are interested.

i guess i have stayed out of it for too long to know all the new that
has been happening.

as for links for code, when you can get to them. my address is good.

what would really help is if you have some good links for theory.
basic theory really does not change, it just improves and adjusts with
the times.

thanks again for updating me.


peace out.



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