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Fri Oct 21 10:51:27 UTC 2011

>>  Often, it's cheaper to throw out a printer and buy a
>> new one when the ink runs out, never mind the other parts of the
>> printer.

Fernando Cassia:
> I bought a Lexmark Optra 40 because it was an inkjet with a CPU, RAM,
> and color postscript. It is over 10 years old and still works, to this
> day. Cartridges can still be found. 12a1970 and 12a1980
> My color laser, a QMS (now Konica-Minolta) is 5 years old and
> standards-based (PCL5). Works like a charm. No, I don´t print a lot, a
> dozen pages per month.

I probably print less than you.  Most of the time I mayn't print
anything for a month or two.

I've two ancient printers that are still in reasonably good working
condition, a HP LaserJet 4L and a HP LaserJet 4M.  I'd like to keep
using them, but the quote for one of the toner cartridges was more than
a new printer.  Of course, I'll be better off getting the toner
cartridge (and so is the environment), but then I'm assessing this
on-the-whole.  Most people will just look at the initial cost.

I've used several other inkjet printers that have convinced me that I
don't want to use a inkjet ever again.  They waste so much ink, it
smudges so easy, they clog, the cartridges are way overpriced...

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