Fedora 15 +scsi Solved

Joe Zeff joe at zeff.us
Fri Oct 21 19:31:32 UTC 2011

On 10/21/2011 12:10 PM, Bill Perry wrote:
> It appears that my scsi card went bad during the hardware upgrade.
> Arrrrrg!

Yeah; weird when that happens, isn't it?  My sister had a problem with 
her Ubuntu box refusing to accept DNS numbers.  When we tried to use a 
Live CD to upgrade to 11.10 (after backing up her home folder) it 
wouldn't boot after the upgrade.  We tried nuke/pave/reinstall with the 
same results: turns out from the boot messages that her HDD's failing. 
Right now, she's running off the LiveCD until we can get a new drive. 
(Oddly enough, the LiveCD can read the drive even though it's probably 
on its last legs.)  And, of course, the timing makes it even harder to 
diagnose because you're natural reaction is to think it's a software issue.

Glad that you found out what was wrong.  Hope everything goes well once 
you've replaced it.

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