Unable to ssh nodes with global IP

Harish Pillay harish.pillay at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 10:14:01 UTC 2011

> On 10/23/2011 05:09 PM, Abu Attar Musharih wrote:
>> The customer service said that  ssh is not allowed. So, what to do
>> then? I badly need a server with global IP for experimenting grid

You can do the following:
a) edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the default port 22 to a
    higher port say 10022. Actually anything above 1024 would
    be sufficient.
b) restart your sshd daemon
c) from your client, say if you are running on the command line,
    you can do the following: ssh -p 10022 hostname
    replacing the 10022 with whatever you've changed your sshd
d) do ensure that on your server you open up the port you want
    sshd to accept connections. you can do that from the
    command line via system-config-firewall.



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