Gdm removed when sugar WM removed

antonio montagnani antonio.montagnani at
Sun Oct 23 14:20:10 UTC 2011

Mark LaPierre ha scritto / said the following    il giorno/on 23/10/2011 
> On 10/23/2011 09:28 AM, antonio wrote:
>> Mark LaPierre ha scritto / said the following    il giorno/on 23/10/2011
>> 15:24:
>>> On 10/23/2011 04:42 AM, antonio montagnani wrote:
>>>> I installed Sugar as additional Windows Manager, but when I removed all
>>>> sugar group also gdm was removed, so I couldn't restart graphically.I
>>>> had to start in text mode, and re-install it.
>>>> I suppose that this is not correct, but what is wrong??
>>> When you removed the entire group you also took GDM with it because it's
>>> part of the group.  All you need to do it reinstall GDM to get your
>>> graphical log in back.
>> that is what I did (a stated in my previous message)...but I suppose
>> that GDM is included in any group of WM's, i.e. a newbie might
>> disinstall GDM any WM group he would disinstall: quite insane, isn't it
> It would be nice if it checked to see if there were any other window
> manager packages installed before removing GDM.  That would make the
> system more user friendly for new users who didn't know what GDM was or
> how to reinstall it without a GUI.
> The problem with that approach is that the list of WM's, and the
> associated package names would have to be provided in some way so that
> it would know what to look for.  I can see managing that list getting
> out of hand in a hurry.  How could you be sure that the list contained
> all the possible WM's?

A simple solution would be not disinstall GDM by default in any WM group 
disinstallation: I guess that many people want to try different WM's and 
in case they decided to disinstall some WM, their GDM would be killed, 
that is not fair. How about this simple decision, i.e. not to include 
GDM in any disinstallation list??

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