Unable to ssh nodes with global IP

Abu Attar Musharih abuattar.musharih at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 02:41:13 UTC 2011

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:18 AM, Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thus my suggestion to use a port of a well known service that is allowed.
> Oh, be careful Ed, :-)
> I got bashed quite a lot for suggesting a similar thing about openvpn couple
> of threads ago... I learned that the proper, politically correct way to answer
> this is the following: if the ISP decided to block port 22, they probably did
> it for security reasons (and not because someone over there is a moron), and
> it's both illegal and unethical to go behind their backs and create a tunnel
> through their firewall without their consent. The OP should check his contract
> with the ISP, because it might be illegal or against their terms of service to
> use ssh on their network. He might get sued  and end up in jail, for all we
> know.
> You wouldn't want to encourage the OP into such bad behavior by giving out
> advice to use an open port outside of its intended purposes, would you now?
> :-D
> Oh, btw, as a piece of preemptive advice --- if you reply to this, don't use
> any strange words like "legitimate" or similar, 'cause someone might pick up a
> dictionary against you... ;-)
> P.S. Sorry folks, just couldn't resist... :-D No hard feelings, Ed! :-)

With the same provider and the same type of service, I used to be able
to do INCOMING SHH to the laptop connecting via the service. It seemed
they have changed just recently without any clear explanation to the

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