More printer strangeness

Tim Waugh twaugh at
Mon Oct 24 08:53:17 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-10-23 at 18:47 -0700, Paolo Galtieri wrote:
> Folks,
>   I'm seeing more printer strangeness.  I ran s-c-p and 3 printers
> show which I did not explicitly add.  All three have a Device URI of
> file:///dev/null.
> If I delete them they go away momentarily and then all re-appear
> again.  There is no way to actually print to them so why are they
> present?

Sounds like there might be a CUPS system on the network which is
advertising bad queues, or else the printer cache is upset.


cupsctl --no-remote-printers
service cups stop
rm -f /var/cache/cups/printers.cache
service cups start

Wait for a minute or two.  Do the queues show now?

How about after 'cupsctl --remote-printers'?


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