Not a good month for computer pioneers

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Thu Oct 27 22:52:54 UTC 2011

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 19:16, Joe Zeff <joe at> wrote:

> On 10/27/2011 03:10 PM, Alan Evans wrote:
> > First Jobs, then Ritchie, now McCarthy... Al Gore should be watching his
> back...
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> No, Gore has nothing to worry about.
> Only the good die young.
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I personally care most about James Gosling, Linus Torvalds, and Mike
Cowlishaw, father of Rexx and NetRexx. Inventors of other languages /
software that I don´t use, are irrelevant. ;-)

Sorry for being selfish. ;)

PS: Anyone knows what is former Borland founder Philippe Kahn up to lately?
I miss Borland products... from the time they kicked the s... out of the
competition (Quattro Pro, and the Paradox database).
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