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Asunto: Public computer control

We are installing linux on public library network

I have two easy questions:

1) how can I control time of a session, i.e. to have logout automatically after 
a certain time from login?? 
2) how can I make all personal data flushed at 

Any applications available?? 

Any experience in library installation 
of Fedora???


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Brute force method:
save a copy of /home/guest in /somethingorother/guest
on login, have .bash_profile set a timestamp in /home/guest/.logintime
make a cronjob that checks the .logintime timestamp every 5 minutes.
when the time expires, kill the session, delete /home/guest, copy /somethingorother/guest to /home
shouldn't be that hard to do and meets all your requirements. It's kind of rude killing a like that session if someone is still working though...
Dennis K

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