Drawer in xfce?

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Fri Oct 28 20:57:56 UTC 2011

Beartooth wrote:
> 	alacarte is installed, according to "yum install" -- but I find
> no launcher for it, and doing "alacarte" or "alacarte&" either as user
> or as root gets me an error complaining about "no module named
> gmenu" (whatever that is). And "yum install gmenu" just gets "no package
> gmenu available." The same happens with "drawer."

I don't use XFCE so I cannot help you with your OP, but the "no module 
named gmenu" message indicates you have something wrong with your 
install. You should have the package "gnome-menus" installed, which 
contains the python module "gmenu" that alacarte is looking for.

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