prognosticate preupgrade?

suvayu ali fatkasuvayu+linux at
Fri Oct 28 21:21:23 UTC 2011

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 22:00, Beartooth <beartooth at> wrote:
>        When I first tried F15, I managed to get it hopelessly snarled;
> but now I have an expendable laptop running F16 Beta with xfce, and I
> think I can learn to live with it. The rest of my machines all still run
> F14. I'm wondering what my chances would be if I ran preupgrade twice on
> any of them. Anybody want to venture an educated guess?

I preupgraded my F14 to F16 beta last week (directly, not via F15).
There was one issue with grub and grubby[1], one orphaned rpm from the
openoffice suite (extended-PDF) and some problem with the boot process
but I haven't been able to debug that yet. I have a strong feeling this
is related to the grub problem I mentioned before. Other than these
issues, everything seems fine so far.



[1] <>


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