SL6 to F16??

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Beartooth <beartooth at> wrote:

> 	I've been playing with Scientific Linux on an oldish machine,
> and now I want to try F16 with xfce -- *not* live, but installed,
> with the .iso on a DVD. I realize that requires me to install the
> gnome version and then add xfce. Do I just command "yum install
> xfce," or is there something more esoteric?

yum groupinstall xfce-desktop

You don't need to install gnome. Just deselect it when you do the

> 	In the course of playing with SL, I've put spare copies of 
> various data into it, and of course tweaked all sorts of things, many
> of them a tad bit tedious; I'd like to preserve them into the F16
> install. 

You can save off your homedir and keep all those settings easily. 
Other things you will likely have to re-tweak. 

> 	Is there a way Fedora can treat SL6 as if I were upgrading 
> earlier Fedora install? I see this : 

Nope. Not that I know of. They are different OSes. 

> 	There's plenty of space for dual-booting. I suppose I could 
> install into free space, boot to it, mount the SL partition, and copy 
> stuff. But that sounds like needless hassle to me, even if I got all
> of it right.
> 	Is there another way??


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