Fedora 15 is a lot like Windows OS's.. irritating, offensive, difficult to use with ease, nauseating to try...

Matthew Saltzman mjs at clemson.edu
Thu Sep 1 21:22:15 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-09-01 at 23:54 +0300, Pasha R wrote: 
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> > On 09/01/2011 04:15 PM, Linda McLeod wrote:
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> >> You'll see...
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> > When Red hat 8 (original) came out, I hated Gnome and wanted
> > Enlightenment back.
> >
> > When Windows 95 came out, I hated it's new UI and wanted 3.1 back.
> >
> > Things change, it's part of computers (and everything else). So when F15
> > came out, I decided to let go of my old ways of working and try to
> > understand the logic and flow of Gnome 3. Now I love it, and get
> > frustrated back on Gnome2 machines.
> >
> > Also, Linux is all about choice. Gnome 3 is what it is. You are welcome
> > to use KDE, XFCE, Ubuntu's Ubiquity or any one of the numerous other
> > window managers and/or distros.
> >
> When Win95 came out it took me less than 1 day to adapt (btw, do you
> know that you could use Win3.1-like program manager in Win95). When
> RH8 came out, it took  me less than 1 day to adapt. Same for Gnome2,
> different versions of KDE/XFCE I tried over time. Gnome3 is the only
> exception - used it for few weeks and returned to F14.

I found a quick orientation at gnome.org.  Saved me a lot of frustration
and helped me adapt much more quickly.  Not sure it's love yet, but I'm
comfortable working with it.

Also, there are a bunch of extensions (and more coming. I'm sure) to
help overcome some of the annoyances.  "yum list gnome-shell-\*" to get
a list of the ones already supported.


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