running programs as root in KDE

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Tue Sep 13 06:16:47 UTC 2011

On 13/09/11 01:25, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> As a longtime gnome user, I've been disappointed in finding my hardware
> simply can't handle gnome3 of FC15 and have switched to KDE. I've
> connected to the Internet and now want to enter the names of IP
> addresses of my other boxes in /etc/hosts. Something that used to be
> simple -- i.e. open Konsole, then as superuser, kwrite /etc/hosts & --
> doesn't work and instead delivers error messages that make no sense to
> me, let alone give me anything to work with.
> Clearly there must be an easier way to do this but, so far at least,
> Google has not been my friend. One "howto" suggested using the "Run
> command..." from the K menu and then completing the "run as different
> user" section of the "Options" menu, but the "Options" menu doesn't
> exist in this version of KDE.
> Any suggestions would be most appreciated so I can continue with this
> upgrade. I don't mind using Linux being an ongoing adventure, but this
> is a bit much.
> Jerry


  To run a GUI application as the root user with KDE you need to enter
"kdesu kwrite", either from a konsole or krunner. You will then be
required to enter the root password before kwrite will start as a root
  Alt-F2 should bring up krunner for you. It can also provide you with
system activity for you, and from there send signals to running processes.
  As with most things, it's easy when you know the tricks. I hope these
teething troubles don't discourage you.



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