LXDE is an acceptable substitute for Gnome 2

Olav Vitters olav at vitters.nl
Sat Sep 17 17:26:25 UTC 2011

On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 01:45:08AM +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-09-17 at 15:04 +0200, Olav Vitters wrote:
> > I understand you do not like GNOME 3, talking about LXDE is great. But
> > just bashing.. I don't think that is what this mailing list is for.
> Well, when those responsible for the debacle thumb their nose at the
> users, all that's left is for users to badmouth them.  The old adage,
> "there's no such thing as bad publicity," isn't really true.

I'm not talking about saying that you don't like GNOME or that GNOME 3
is terrible. But just badmouthing is bad form.

> A strong movement against Gnome on the users list /may/ move Fedora away
> from using it by default.  Distributions moving away from it /may/ have
> an effect on its developers.

We actually have more developers than ever before (since starting with

And as I've said, I'm happy that there is a discussion (or just
downright "I hate it"). But please keep it respectful.

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