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I took this off-list, since I think we've gone beyond the general interests
of the group.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:50:43PM -0700, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
> Given that I got four emails from you which all distill down to "try it, 
> it is easy" and you already provided "a piece of cake" for my initial 
> query, I will look at all this and see if it is worth giving it a go.

Sorry, not meaning to bash you over the head with it.  But I really do
think you'll find it worthwhile.

> All I can say is the "boring brute force scp" took me less than 10 
> seconds to do what I needed tonight and I am hard-pressed to think that 
> elegance in handling this will come in at less than 10 seconds (or, if 
> it does, the price tag to do such needs to be compared against my doing 
> actual work on my computers).

Oh, you got the copy done, absolutely it works.  Now you have two copies
to keep in synch (can be done with rsync--also available in CygWin,
works with the native Linux rsync, and I use it to keep backups of
important directories on my Win box that I need to keep there...but I
digress into functionality that would follow after what we're

But wouldn't it be so much easier just to be able to go to
/mnt/winboxname/docs from the Linux box, or z:\LinuxDocs on the Windows
box?  No duplicates, no remembering which is newest?

And as I've mentioned, while I didn't find the Samba, DNS, or DHCP files
hard to manage, I've been doing it for over 30 years.  Instead, a very
quick way to get things moving is to go get a copy of webmin (I don't
believe it's in the Fedora repos, but the webmin site has a RPM that just
drops in:

Once that's in place, it's much quicker to walk through the configurations
using the GUI and get a working config fast.  (If you want to _know_
this stuff, you can then go look at the generated config files.)

My guess--you should have a running config within a half-hour of deciding
to do it, including download time (assuming you have a decent Internet

> Many thanks for the encouragement!

Glad to help!  Especially when the solutions are there, and easy to

Now, I *won't* encourage you to get into LDAP...  THAT's been a PitA ever
since it was invented (although you will find others who'll claim "it's not
that bad".)

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