"fans seems to work fine" & "It's not enough that they spin".. Try building your own water cooling from junk...

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Tue Sep 27 08:56:35 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-09-26 at 16:38 -0700, Linda McLeod wrote:
> "Liquid cooled"..?
> Umm?..  thin 1/4" soft copper pipe wrapped around hot things like how
> a still is made, but not touching anything..

Heatsinks with a coolant pumped through them to external radiators.
Essentially the same sort of thing as used in car engines, more than how
a fridge works (which relies on compression and expansion of gas).

A simple device, but often stupidly overpriced, for what it is.
> Or use the business parts of a small air conditioner or dehumidifier..

The troubles with a refrigeration approach, rather than just improved
heat dissipation are overcooling, condensation, and ice.

> What if someone built a tower in a cylinder shape..?  Properly placed
> fans might set up a turbo effect for better cooling..  Plus, round
> towers could be decorated such to be hidden/disguised, or part of a
> room's décor..

Not so sure that'd be a good idea.  There are probably better options
about internal design, than playing with cylinders.  Such as making sure
that cards are vertical (like in desktop cases) rather than horizontal
(as in towers), so that they can radiate heat away from themselves
better.  With a vertical card, getting hot actually creates an airflow.
> Take a looksee at the bathroom and kitchen fan covers in your home.. 
> Are they totally plugged with dust..?

Probably not such a great comparison, as they tend to have large vents,
large airflow volumes, and can still operate effectively even with large
amounts of clutter splattered through them.  

> Have you looked at the fans inside your tower yet..?

'twas another poster that started this...  But my computers tend to get
checked out annually.  Past experience has shown that it takes two or
three years before I'd need to worry about dust clogging heatsinks.

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