Alternative to a Pogoplug

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Tue Feb 28 19:52:23 UTC 2012

A friend has pointed me to the Pogoplug which right now can be purchased 
quite cheaply:


But you have to be careful because:

"That's what was advertised (the pro), and box (sealed) was labeled 
Pogo-P21, which should have been the dual core model, but the device was 
labeled Pogo-E02, which is this one:

The labeling mess seems to be as a result of them liquidating the 
pre-series 4 models and stuffing them into whatever boxes they have."

There seems to be challenges with Fedora support for these devices?  
Plus it is also clear that you might not get what you paid for.  Sooo....

I am looking for a cheap, low power platform with ethernet and 4 USB 
ports (I would even run my system drive off of USB) with 1Gb memory so I 
can load a current FC on it.  Duo core would be valuable.  I have been 
burned with this Lenovo not having duo core...

Any recommendations?

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