How can I put a daemon writing to SDHC memory cards.Permissions Problem.

luis redondo luis.redondo30 at
Sun Jan 1 17:00:13 UTC 2012

I'm not able to put the tcpdump program to write to SDHC memory cards using default configuration.I use : sudo tcpdump -s 96 -i eth0 -w /media/"card ID" and receive this warning:tcpdump: /mnt/DSLcapture/dslcapture: Permission denied.My account has administration rights so I do not know what is the problem here...the FAT32 filesystem?need to give tcpdump any rights? Or is there other problem?Note: Even when I mount the card on /mnt using mount -t vfat /dev/mmdcdkl0  /mnt and root owns the directory inside the card where I want to put the dump files the problem persists.  		 	   		  
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