Reading Linux files from Windows?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Jan 12 17:03:35 UTC 2012

Reindl Harald wrote:

>> I recently acquired a Samsung Smart TV (model D5520).
>> This has a facility for looking at photos on a PC using Picasa.
>> I tried briefly using Picasa under Wine,
>> but this seemed to fail at both ends (Linux and TV)
> i can not imagine how the TV will access a partition directly?
> normally such things are done over network-services and
> then the underlying filesystem does not matter

As I understand from a quick look at the "Smart Hub" on the TV,
there is a specific Samsung application running on the TV,
and this looks at the Picasa setup on the PC.
It seems to assume one is running Windows on the PC.

But I'll see if one can get round this in some way.

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