Very OT Postgres

Roger arelem at
Sun Dec 1 11:05:44 UTC 2013

Sorry for the very OT about postgres, (only claim to fame is it's on 
Feora 19),  but I've been on this all day and am lost, searched 
StackOverflow, Postgresql pages, etc, and I am no further. I hope a psql 
database admin can explain.

I have a postgres database: registration_test owned by postgres UTF8,  
Access privileges =Tc/postgres, postgres=CTc/postgres, tester=CTc/postgres
Role named tester to which out of desperation I gave superuser privileges.

When I run rails command -  rake test /test/mailers/notifier_test.rb I 
get error:
PG::InsufficientPrivilege: ERROR:  must be owner of database 
Apparently it cannot drop and recreate the database.

  Rails4 database.yml
  adapter: postgresql
  database: registration_test
  encoding: unicode
  pool: 5

Same yml, privileges, etc as development and production and they work well.

local   all             postgres @authmethodhost@
local   all             tester @authmethodhost@

Also cannot find info on what CTc/postgres means, some privileges have 
C*T*c*/postgres, couldn't find info on that either.
Have restarted and reloaded postgres.

Help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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