Jonathan Dieter jdieter at lesbg.com
Sun Dec 1 14:55:02 UTC 2013

On Sun, 2013-12-01 at 15:48 +0100, Patrick Dupre wrote:
> Humm,
> removing wine-symbol-fonts, will remove wine!
> and rootplot, root etc....
> I am not sure about such a soluton!!

I know nothing about root (aside from the fact that its documentation
subpackage is ridiculously large), but "yum remove wine" should only
remove the wine metapackage, not the core packages that actually run

Here's a list of my wine packages that are still installed after
removing wine-symbol-fonts:
# yum list installed "wine*"
Loaded plugins: langpacks, ps, refresh-packagekit
Installed Packages
wine-alsa.x86_64                     1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-capi.i686                       1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-capi.x86_64                     1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-cms.i686                        1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-cms.x86_64                      1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-common.noarch                   1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-core.i686                       1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-core.x86_64                     1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-courier-fonts.noarch            1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-desktop.x86_64                  1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-filesystem.noarch               1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-fixedsys-fonts.noarch           1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-ldap.i686                       1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-ldap.x86_64                     1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-marlett-fonts.noarch            1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-mono.noarch                     0.0.8-1.fc19               @fedora 
wine-ms-sans-serif-fonts.noarch      1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-openal.i686                     1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-openal.x86_64                   1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-pulseaudio.i686                 1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-pulseaudio.x86_64               1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-small-fonts.noarch              1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-system-fonts.noarch             1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-systemd.noarch                  1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-tahoma-fonts.noarch             1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-twain.i686                      1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-twain.x86_64                    1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-wingdings-fonts.noarch          1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates
wine-wow.x86_64                      1.7.5-1.fc19               @updates


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