Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at greshko.com
Mon Dec 2 00:01:49 UTC 2013

On 12/02/13 07:46, Patrick Dupre wrote:
> I am sorry for the disturbance with my replies.
> It is now 15 years that I use to use mailing list and it is the first
> time that people complains about my replies.
> What should  I do ?
> Remove my signature to all my emails while it is automatically added ?
> I also checked my setup.
> I have 3 options when repying:
> Add original text message
> Indent original text message
> Always use default from adress.
> Only the 2 first ones are checked. Should I check the 3rd one also?

It would seem your web-mail client (X-Mailer: GMX.com Web Mailer) doesn't play well with mailing lists and strips out the References: header.

If your ISP allows it, which it most likely does, you should switch to an IMAP (or POP if you really must) email client such as Thunderbird and use it instead.

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