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Allegedly, on or about 01 December 2013, Edward Martinez sent:
> From my understanding, the thread breaking that has been occurring has
> been caused by using webmail based.
> I don't understand why webmail companies
> Would remove those headers.

Because those applications are written by people who do not know what
they're doing (*).  It's one thing for a poorly written application to
not bother to insert headers that the programmer didn't understand, so
that further thread sorting fails.  But it's another thing, altogether,
to go as far as removing important headers that were already there.

> Since iam emailing from windows phone, this may break the thread.
> Sorry, if it does. 

It did, no surprises there.

* People who write software without adhering to, or even looking up

If you've been doing email, or usenet, for as long as I have, and many
others, it becomes readily apparent at just how many user agents are
appallingly crap.  They get all manner of things wrong, and don't care,
"because it works for me."  It's one thing to write your own bad
software, it's much worse to foist it upon everyone else.

And what sort of things do they typically get wrong?  There's the
threading headers that we've been discussing.  Not handling character
and/or content encoding properly (incoming and/or outgoing).  Having
near useless text editors for writing your messages.  Quoting previous
text in a mangled manner.  Not handling mail signatures.  Top quoting.
And those are just the top few screw-ups.

It's a rarity to come across a client that gets it right and is
convenient to use.

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