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On Mon, 02 Dec 2013 23:09:57 +1030
Tim <ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> Because those applications are written by people who do not know what
> they're doing (*).  It's one thing for a poorly written application to
> not bother to insert headers that the programmer didn't understand, so
> that further thread sorting fails.  But it's another thing, altogether,
> to go as far as removing important headers that were already there.
       Thakns Tim for the reply. This shows how much I know, not much:-)
       I was under the the impression that companies and devs would make it a  priority
       to write software that would meet all the standards to minimize any problems
       like thread breaking; for people who likes to sort their email in a threaded 

>People who write software without adhering to, or even looking up

>If you've been doing email, or usenet, for as long as I have, and many
>others, it becomes readily apparent at just how many user agents are
>appallingly crap.  They get all manner of things wrong, and don't care,
>"because it works for me."  It's one thing to write your own bad
>software, it's much worse to foist it upon everyone else.

       I have never used usenet  and I have only used Thunderbird and untill 
       recently windows phone email client and i already think Windows Phone 
       email client stinks because it breaks threads. I just began
       using Sylpheed on Fedora the other day,  well see how that goes.
       Thanks again for the reply and explanation.  
Edward M <edwardm1 at live.com>

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