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Beartooth beartooth at
Tue Dec 3 18:20:29 UTC 2013

On Thu, 28 Nov 2013 19:09:57 +0000, Beartooth wrote:
> 	Anyway, I changed dillo to Dillo both in Alpine's settings and on
> my PC, and links still open in Firefox. :-

	This morning, suddenly, it does what I was trying to accomplish: 
Alpine on the remote machine, being read here under ssh, opens Dillo, not 
Firefox, when I click on "open link."

	I added "GONE" instead of "SOLVED" to the subject line, because 
I'm not at all sure whether the change to upper case, or something I did 
after that, caused the welcome change. It might even be something 
earlier : both machines have logged out and back in, or rebooted, since 
my last attempts.

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