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Nonsense! far I'm the "youngest"...I've been using Linux since Fedora 9......& it has been a love-hate marriage.....but I'm not leaving.....EVER! This OS has got to be the BEST I've ever used!! To the developers....maintainers.....marketers....testers....and everyone involved with this distro?...."THANK YOU SO MUCH"! ....times Infinity!!!LoL Happy Holidays to one and all...!

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On 04/12/13 03:47 PM, ergodic wrote:
> OK I am 82.  My first Fedora Core install was FC-3 and before that Red Hat 4 if
> my memory does not trick me.
> Today running in different boxes, F-18, F-19, F-20beta.
> Multibooting Debian Wheezy, F-19 and Windows 8.1.
> My most sincere thanks to all the developers and contributors.
> Well done.
> M. A. MacLain
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>> Sorry for top posting. This phone doesn't allow bottom posting.
>> I'm 57 years old and I have been using linux, more on than off, since
>> 1997, and exclusively since 2003 or so.
>> I find it is more stable than either windows or macos and more usable
>> than dos, even at the command prompt.
>> Hth
>> Dave
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>> Subject: Fedora's audience
>> 	Recent exchanges here and in related places have reminded me
>> strongly of long discussions held on RedHat lists fifteen or twenty
>> years
>> ago.

>> 	 By this time, at an informed guess, the Boomers must be retiring
>> in spates and floods. My subjective impression is that I see more
>> fellow
>> retirees than before, but I can't guess numbers. Does anyone here
>> have
>> such numbers, or know of a source from whence to get them?
>> --
>> --

Guess all the 'younger' members are afraid to reply :)

I am 72 (73 next month ) and have been running Linux since 1997...Fedora 
since 2010. along with Debian Sid and
Windows 7.
Best of the season to all developers-contributors and users.

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