Fedora's audience

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Thu Dec 5 00:10:17 UTC 2013

Tim <ignored_mailbox <at> yahoo.com.au> writes:

> Allegedly, on or about 04 December 2013, Frank sent:
> > Guess all the 'younger' members are afraid to reply :)
> Oi!  <insert some rude/nice/amusing old person insult>  I'm middle-aged.
> I've played with computers since before the PC days (sending punch cards
> in the post), ignored the C64 but used alternatives in the same era, had
> fun with the Amiga while avoiding the hideous DOS/Windows world that I
> saw at the school I worked at, got into Linux with Red Hat Linux 6 (the
> first one that would actually install on my hardware), then migrated
> over to Fedora when Red Hat changed the gameplan (and that did annoy a
> lot of people).
> I've dabbled with other Linuxes and BSD, enough to think they're much of
> a muchness (similar or balanced capabilities, limits, and annoyances),
> but different enough that I stuck with what I got used to.

How about I'm 57 and started with Red Hat Linux 5.0 in 1998 as my first
Linux install.  Before that I worked on HP-UX, Solaris (and when it was
still SunOS), CDCs, VAXen and IBM big iron.  I still have a punch card
around here some place.

I run CentOS or Scientific Linux on the boxes I need stable and Fedora on
more recent hardware or where I need something closer to bleeding edge. 
Dabbled with Ubuntu, Mint and Gentoo.  Didn't like them.


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