simple-mtpfs fills root filesystem

Alex mysqlstudent at
Thu Dec 5 02:17:01 UTC 2013

I have an fc18 box that I use to mount my Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720
to manage files.

It worked fine with my S3, but now with the S4, every time I connect
it, it creates a directory similar to /tmp/simple-mtpfs-r1ZApu with
the images from the Camera directory on my phone until the filesystem
fills up completely (50G root).

It looks like many files are duplicated, because I don't even have 10G
worth of pictures on the phone. The files look like
"010037f1903cd1a154f69bd11897ad5c656d854f" and contain actual JPEG

After unmounting the filesystem, the contents of the directory is
eventually removed.

What is the cause of this?


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