How to install DVD version from iso on hard drive -

David dgboles at
Fri Dec 6 03:41:35 UTC 2013

On 12/5/2013 10:20 PM, Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA wrote:
> On 05/12/13 22:11, David wrote:
>>> >
>>> > But the problem is that Fedora-19 wont boot, forget F-20b! Got to fix
>>> > F-19's grub.
>>> >
>> Can't say about Fedora 19 so this is a 'try this' and I really don't
>> like 'try this' suggestions.
>> But...  In the past I have booted the *same version* disk and told it to
>> *update*. Nothing gets updated since all is the same or newer but Grub
>> gets rewritten.
>> YMMV but it has worked for m in the past.
>> -- David
> I was going to try that but didn't have an install disk, I probably
> installed from a Live Spin using a USB thumb drive. Can make another one
> when I feel motivated, in the mean time I have a good work around.
> I thought Fedora Linux was a friendly install, didn't overwrite other
> systems like Windows does? Something has changed ...

A Live-CD (DVD) will, all that I know of, *always* over write an
existing install. That I know of anyway, They are a 'write this to the
disk' system. It has been a long time but I (me!) do not know of a
Live-CD that does disk partitioning. Maybe

Now you mentioned Windows. *If* you have Windows install you need to
'shrink' the Windows section and make a place for the Linux to be installed.

If you have Win 7 it has a disk partitioning program to do that
included. Else you will have to use something else.



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