failed updates

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Sun Dec 8 00:08:15 UTC 2013

On 12/08/13 08:03, Frank wrote:
> Just tried to update my Fedora 19 with yum check-update. It seems
> every mirror has a problem:
> [Errno -1] repomd.xml does not match metalink for updates
> Trying other mirror.
> [Errno 14] curl#7 - "Failed to connect to 2607:f1f0:1:3::2: Network is unreachable"

Just updated my F19 system without incident.  But, I am on a IPv4 only system and you're system seems to be using IPv6.  "2607:f1f0:1:3::2: Network is unreachable".

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