usb disk, in reverse?

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Sun Dec 8 04:06:17 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 07 December 2013, Mike Wright sent:
> I have a TV that accepts MP4 content from usb thumb drives.  Instead
> of a thumb drive I want to plug it into one of my box's usb ports that
> would look to it like a thumb drive. 

There are devices that act as a hub between two USB ports, but they're
probably only going to work between two computers.  Dedicated hardware,
such as TVs, probably are not going to be versatile to do something
beyond the product designer's intentions.  And are highly unlikely to
give you a way to install drivers to do anything else.

It is dangerous to the equipment to try connecting two USB hosts
*directly* together (i.e. with a non-standard USB cable).  Don't attempt

You could see if you can plug a USB hard drive into the TV.  That might
give you a relatively easy to play from a large library of files.  But
then, on the other hand, the TV's interface mayn't be convenient to use
with a storage device that might have thousands of files.

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