usb disk, in reverse?

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Sorry for top posting. This phone doesn't all bottom posting.

What I did with my big screen was attach an old comp with 2 hardrives to the vga port on the tv.

That comp, named video, has some 90 complete tv series on it and almost 1600 movies.

It has vlc installed that plats everything and the tv can be used as a monitor.

The hds on the comp are a 150 gb and a 1.5 tb drive. I find this works well.


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Hi all,

I have a TV that accepts MP4 content from usb thumb drives.  Instead of 
a thumb drive I want to plug it into one of my box's usb ports that 
would look to it like a thumb drive.

Is this doable?  Solutions?

With all the cable cutters out there this could be awesome...
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