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Sun Dec 8 18:03:41 UTC 2013

On Dec 7, 2013, at 3:39 PM, bitlord <bitlord0xff at> wrote:

> On 12/07/2013 05:14 PM, Richard Vickery wrote:
>> Hi Gang:
>> I made the error of pulling the card out before unmounting it, and now
>> the computer won't read a card -which may be obvious. Is there any way
>> to fix this?
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
> Check dmesg after you plug in the sd card, file system on it may be
> corrupt, or maybe it is just broken, which is not uncommon for sdcards
> to just stop working.

Very common, in particular if it's SDXC. By spec they use exFAT which uses only one FAT so repair is more difficult than other formats. SDXC cards so formatted really should be treated as write only until ready to extract data, then read only until ready to reformat the media, and always reformat the media when you want to reuse it. And only reformat in the device used for writing (camera, video recorder, whatever).

Regardless of the formatting, but made more risky with exFAT, is using the camera interface to delete individual images. It's better to just copy everything off the card and then delete the photos you don't want.

Chris Murphy

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