usb disk, in reverse?

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Mon Dec 9 00:02:49 UTC 2013

12/08/2013 07:22 AM, davidschaak1 at wrote:
> Sorry for top posting. This phone doesn't all bottom posting.
> What I did with my big screen was attach an old comp with 2 hardrives to the vga port on the tv.
> That comp, named video, has some 90 complete tv series on it and almost 1600 movies.
> It has vlc installed that plats everything and the tv can be used as a monitor.

Awesome!  How do you control vlc and how do you setup vlc to stream the 

> The hds on the comp are a 150 gb and a 1.5 tb drive. I find this works well.
> Hth

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