usb disk, in reverse?

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Mon Dec 9 01:07:14 UTC 2013

On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 10:00 PM, Chris Murphy <lists at> wrote:
> FAT32 isn't useful for mass storage of video files because of its 4GB file size limit. And exFAT/FAT64 is not only patent encumbered, but it also uses only one FAT so it's actually less resilient in the face of any kind of corruption, and isn't intended for this use case.
> They should probably use NTFS instead.

Oh really? I must have imagined then my 8GB and 16GB flash drives
formatted as FAT32. And my TDT STB recording to it and splitting the
recording into several 4GB files seamlessly. ;-)

None of the TVs I have with USB ports support NTFS, one does exFAT,
the other doesn't, only supports FAT32.

Samsung releases its ExFAT driver under the GPLv2


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