how to boot on f16 in rescue mode?

Frantisek Hanzlik franta at
Mon Dec 9 12:53:35 UTC 2013

Adel ESSAFI wrote:
> hello,
> I followed the official documentation to try to boot in "rescue" mode and
> then
> when booting from the live CD
> i pressed "tab" key, deleted all the command line and then put "linux
> rescue".
> However, fedora always boot "normally"!!
> I found no /mnt/sysimage

When You have systemd init daemon, You should use syntax as

linux ...

(see 'man')

Or, SYSV4 init/upstart option are stil functioning, simply to linux
kernel cmdline append 'single', 's', '1'

But You perhaps will find that systemd is almost unusable in rescue
mode (in 'normal' multiuser/graphical mode it is only slightly
better) when starting from installed system. It is better boot
from CD/DVD/USB stick, Fedora or eg. System Rescue CD etc.

Franta Hanzlik

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