Fedora 20 with UEFI/Secure Boot

Dave Cross davorg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 14:02:40 UTC 2013


I'll be buying a new desktop PC in the next week or so. It'll probably
be a DELL XPS 8700. I expect it'll arrive at about the same time as
Fedora 20.

My usual approach would be to use PartitionMagic to shrink the Windows
installation and install Fedora alongside it so I can dual-boot.

But it's just occurred to me that this new machine will be running
Windows 8 and therefore will come with all the UEFI/Secure Boot
nonsense. So before I place the order I just wanted to confirm that
I'll be able to do something like that in a UEFI environment.

If anyone could point me to details about how I can do this, then that
would be great.



Dave Cross :: dave at dave.org.uk

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