auto-mounting removable drives

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Mon Dec 9 21:11:36 UTC 2013

On 12/9/13 8:15 AM, poma wrote:
> On 09.12.2013 05:07, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I am running F19 xfce on a 32bit box (fully updated at the time of this
>> test)
>> I have "Applications Menu -> Settings -> Removable Drives and Media" open
>> Under "Removable Storage":
>>       [checked] Mount removable drives when hot-plugged
>>       [checked] Mount removable drives when inserted
>>       [checked] Browse removable media when inserted
>>       [not checked] Auto-run programs on new drives and media
>>       [not checked] Auto-open files on new drives and media
>> Nothing else is checked on this or all the other tabs.
>> Whether I hot-plug a memory stick into the computer or plug it in before
>> powering on, it never mounts the volume until I manually go to the icon
>> on the desktop and tell it to "please go mount yourself"
>> Am I not understanding the options under "Settings -> Removable Storage"?
>> I first encountered this in F16 under xfce but figured I wasn't
>> understanding something as I had just switched from F14 gnome where I
>> could hot-plug
>> I have three Linux boxes and it doesn't auto mount on any of them, so I
>> am not thinking it is a hardware problem to a particular machine.
>> This also happens with cd/dvd when inserted ... have to manually "please
>> go mount yourself" (and, yes, the phraseology is intentional as I am
>> rather frustrated by this)
>> Thanks in advance for any advice
>> Paul
> - Volume Management
> $ xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-volume-management
> $ xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-volume-management -s true
> poma

Thanks for reply.

Volume management is checked on as the link you provided shows

Running the command "xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-volume-management" 
returns the following:

Property "misc-volume-management" does not exist on channel "thunar".

The package thunar-volman is already installed on my machine (0.8.0-4.fc19).

The only other thing I can spot in your link is reference to HAL. When I 
hunt around to find out information, I come across the following on the 
xfce site for thunar-volman: " HAL is undergoing deprecation at the 
moment. All major distributions push for the removal of HAL in favor of 
DeviceKit-disks/udisk, DeviceKit-power/upower and udev" 
( Everything I can see on 
this implies the transition as 2009 to 2010 range.

The other response from Dale suggested that I take it to the xfce 
general discussion site (which I intend to do after seeing if I get any 
more info here).

Any suggestions on what I should be looking for to better understand the 

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