hardware full disk encryption

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Thu Dec 12 20:39:43 UTC 2013

On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 12:36:59 -0800,
   "Wolfgang S. Rupprecht" <wolfgang.rupprecht at gmail.com> wrote:
>Of course, with the Snowden revelations, one has to wonder how random
>the randomly chosen internal AES key is.  If it is from an intentionally
>crippled RNG, it may be easy for someone in the know to do a brute-force
>search for it.

It's not just deliberate stuff from the NSA but screwups as well. These 
kinds of things are often kept as proprietary secrets that don't get 
reviewed by someone that knows what they're doing. There is hardware for 
AES, so it isn't that surprising that encryption can keep up.

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