Post upgrade woes

David dgboles at
Thu Dec 12 20:59:37 UTC 2013

On 12/12/2013 3:00 PM, Joe Zeff wrote:
> On 12/12/2013 11:07 AM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> Issue, XFCE doesn't save the desktop when I logout and ask for save. I
>> have a console open, it isn't opened on next login, but was with fc18.
>> thoughts?
> This may be an Xfce-specific issue.  You might want to check at the
> official Xfce forum, and see if anybody
> there knows about this.

Unlike other Desktops that try to reuse their old configuration files
(Xfce changes their 'standard' setting config files from time to time.
You (the user) should have been warned to backup you old ones and check
your settings. Also, It has been a while and I can not recall when, they
also moved two (I think it was two) config and the system reads, and
uses the new ones. You (the user) should have been warned about that too.

I *do not know* if Fedora GUI's warn you (the user) but there is/are
warning on the CLI.

Nothing is broken.  :-)  Probably just changed or moved. Look for the
same name in a different place close to the old one.



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